Mobile cranes for tyre moulding

Mini cranes with lifting capacity up to 12.500 kg.
//Mobile cranes for tyre moulding

Mini cranes for handling molds for the production of tyres

Mini cranes with lifting capacity up to 12.500 kg (27,500 lbs).

The GT cranes mini electric cranes are ideal for the mold handling and tyre manufacturing industry.
Gt cranes’s technology is also one step ahead in the tyre vulcanization market. For this reason, it is the range of mobile cranes chosen by the world’s largest manufacturers of tyres and inner tubes: motorcycles, light vehicles, cars, trucks and heavy equipment, earthmoving, civil engineering, aviation.
In addition, GT cranes is a reference brand for manufacturers of racing car and Formula 1 tires: the winning choice for those who only choose to win.


  • Payloads and reaches calculated according to the type of press and tyre mould
  • Proportional movement control: millimetric and instantaneous centring of the mould on the press
  • Patented telescopic boom with integrated hook: lower overall height inside the press, less sway
  • Ability to transport two moulds simultaneously: optimization of mould changes on the presses
  • Steady lifting of the mould at any height of the lifting range when complying with the maximum payload
  • Control via control panel/wireless remote control: remote mould change, maximum operator safety
  • Patented roll-over protection system: automatic shutdown of certain movements in case of “overload”
  • Specific lift height and telescopic boom adjustable to individual needs.

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